Signing Practice, Daughter by Pearl Jam sung by Joe Naab

Singing Practice | Daughter by Pearl Jam

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About my Singing Practice Videos

I'm only now beginning to share samples of my singing here and at Youtube.

There are three main reasons for this.

The first is that I'm beginning to take baby steps toward performing in public. I have a 1-song performance in June and again in December.

I have no where to practice, so I figure there's no faster way to learn and to get over the nerves than to point a video camera at me, sing in one take, and then post it right way to Youtube before I can change my mind.

The second reason is that I'm beginning to teach and I want to be fully transparent with potential students.

Many voice coaches don't even sing. Very few share samples of their singing. Those few who do use a lot of editing and pitch correction.

Some even hire professional engineers and professional recording studios to record a simple cover song (cough cough Tamplin cough cough).



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How to Practice Singing for Beginners

The third reason is that I'd like help beginning singers with their singing practice.

I have to find a balance between turning these into talking head videos and not sharing enough.

I've placed some text overlays within the video to share some of the things I'm working on.

If you're following the blog and the Voice Building Junkies Show then you already have a good idea of how I train and what I prioritize in my training.

Enjoy the video. My goal is to post at least one each week.


What to do Next

Mostly, keep following the blog and Youtube channel for new content.

Key an eye out for the early bird launch to my new series of courses.

Be attentive in your training. Work hard. I sucked at singing as recently as two years ago. I'm getting better quickly. You can too!

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Leave any questions you have, too. I'll be posting more articles and demonstration videos soon, too.

Be Well and Train Hard!


Written by Joe Naab

Voice Building Coach and Course Creator

Since early 2013, Joe Naab has immersed himself into the study and training of all things related to improving his own singing voice at a fundamental level. Having overcome a number of serious vocal problems along the way, he now shares what he has learned in the hope that he can help others fulfill their own goals as singers.