How to Become a Better Singer Quickly for Beginners

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Sing Better with Close-Mouth Singing Exercises

You will soon be hearing me speak more and more about the miracles of closed-mouth vocal training. This is a very rich subject and there’s too much to cover in a short video. Consider this a brief introduction and continue to follow the site here or at Facebook and Youtube for more information.

Most voice coaches and singing students are familiar with the closed-mouth exercise called “humming”. No one would ever argue that this exercise is not useful. Nearly every coach will have you do a humming exercise for a couple of minutes at the start of a lesson before they quickly advance towards open-mouth exercises for the rest of the lesson.

The same applies to the new generation of in-home vocal training courses. 90% of all exercises are done with the mouth open and there is very little attention given to closed-mouth exercises other than a quick humming exercise in the beginning to “warm up the voice”.

My Biggest Vocal Training Breakthrough

About five months ago I began to shift more and more of my workout time toward closed-mouth and partially closed-mouth exercises. Partially-closed mouth exercises are sometimes called “fricatives”. I also call them semi-occluded variations, or SOV’s. The result have been miraculous.

By eliminating excess movement of the tongue, jaw and lips, I am better able to make sound up and down my full range without the onset of nasty vocal constriction. Further, when constriction does strike, I recognize it sooner and I’m better able to relax through it when my mouth is closed.

Some other benefits are that I sing in tune much easier, I have access to my full vocal range, I can FEEL the natural movement and placement of sound and resonation and my body begins to memorize this in the formation of new and better habits.

What I will be adding in the weeks and months to come, as well as in my first premium course, is to teach that, unlike a simple humming exercise, there are dozens of excellent variations you can do with your mouth closed to turbo charge your results and to help you improve your singing voice faster.