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This collection contains two chromatic scales covering 1-octave and 2-octave ranges for 7 different voice types. There are 21 mp3 files in total. They are FREE!

What are Looping Vocal Scales?


Instead of moving up or down a half step each time the piano scale is repeated, looping scales simply loop the same range over and over (have a listen to the samples below).

Each exercise is approximately three minutes in length. Set the play mode to "loop" in your audio player for extended use. I often loop a two-octave scale for 30 minutes of continuous exercises over the full two-octave range with each vocalization.

IMPORTANT: Please consider "voice type" of the mp3 files as a guideline. What is more important is the range of notes covered by the scale (clearly labeled in each mp3 file name) and what range of your voice you care to work on. You will almost certainly work with scales from multiple voice types.

Hear Samples of these Chromatic Scales

2-Octave Tenor (C3 to C5)

This sample repeats three times. The actual mp3 plays for 3 minutes.

1-Octave Tenor "top" (C4 to C5)

Note that the tenor "top" octave is the same as the Soprano "bottom".

1-Octave Tenor "bottom" (C3 to C4)

Note that the octave plays twice for each breath/phrase.

Do You Already Have Our Original Vocal Scales Collections?


The Looper vocal scales are a supplement to our original and larger vocal scales collections, also available by free download. More scales are added from time to time and everyone on our email list is notified when they are ready.


I sang for 25 years without any vocal training and never improved. Once I dedicated myself to regular vocal training my voice began to improve every single day, even during long periods without private lessons. In fact, my rate of improvement is now accelerating, rather than slowing down.

- Joe Naab


Benefits of Using Looping Scales

Excellent for Quick Warm-Ups

Cover your best 2-octave range over and over upon each phrase.

Great for so Many Exercises

These scales work for nearly every exercise I do, from lip and tongue trills, to humming, and most open-mouth vocalizes.

Strengthen Your Breath Support

Long phrases (15 seconds) demand extra attention to your breathing technique.

Passaggio Training

The 2-octave tenor scale allows me to navigate my three main passaggios on each and every phrase.

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