How to Sing Better Faster with Online Singing Lessons
How to Sing Better and Improve Your Singing Faster

Free Online Singing Lessons for Beginners!

Learn a new approach to training your voice at home so you can improve faster and sing better sooner.

Joe Naab, Vocal Training Coach, Founder of Vocal Nebula

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What's Included in the Course

LESSON 1: The Worst Vocal Problems Most Singers Face

Singing improvement comes from replacing bad habits with good habits. We begin by gaining a knowledge of our worst singing habits.

LESSON 2: Solving Your Vocal Problems - Where to Begin?

Solving vocal problems requires a plan Before we can create a plan we must know our problems and have an idea what their solutions look like.

LESSON 3: The Best Exercises to Solve Your Vocal Problems

We conclude with a discussion of the best vocal exercises to solve our basic vocal problems.

INCLUDED: Pdf Handouts and More

There are three downloadable pdf handouts in this course plus other valuable information to help get started with exercises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Send me a message through the Contact page and I’ll be sure to respond. I also plan to add a Live Chat feature soon.

At the Academy there will be a Help Desk, Knowledgebase and live chat for all students. There will be group coaching calls, primarily for premium level students, and occasionally for free students, too. I’ll have student discussion forums for premium level students.

Short answer,— Yes and No.

If you can’t take private lessons for some reason, these courses are a great and affordable alternative. They also work well to prepare you for private lessons that you might take in the future.

A great use of my courses are to supplement private lessons you are already taking, to learn a new approach to training your voice at home so you can improve faster and sing better sooner.

I have begun to offer private lessons. If you’re interest see the private lesson information page to learn more.

Each free course could have anywhere from 3 to 12 lessons, usually.

I try to keep the course length between 30 and 60 minutes, similar to a private lesson.

I don’t teach technique for free. I do understand that money can be hard to come by, but my premium level courses are among the best in the world and I charge a very small amount compared to other coaches.

In fact, the cost of my entire Bring Your Voice Back to Life Series is equivalent to that of a single private voice lesson with a good coach.

The knowledge I share in the free courses is extremely valuable. There will certainly be, at times, vocal exercises taught and demonstrated in free lessons. A big mistake that beginning students make is to rush after the “magic exercise” or the “quick fix” without first building a solid knowledge of singing and vocal training.

Students at the free level of the academy still get support through the help desk, live chat and occasional group coaching calls.

Free Singing Lessons - Are They Worth the Time?

Free online singing lesson can be a great way to add to your singing knowledge if you’re careful.

There are a number of risks, especially for beginning singers:

  • You could be studying free lessons from someone who doesn’t sing well without knowing it. Not all voice coaches are good singers. Many are only piano teachers!
  • If you’re studying from several coaches you could get a lot of confusing information.
  • Even good lessons and tips for some coaches might not be good for you. It depends on your goals and the style of music you like to sing.
  • You might think that if you have to pay for something, it will cost thousands of dollars for private lessons. However, you can learn so much from low cost online courses and lessons, sometimes for the cost of a single private lesson.

Be careful who you study from. Sometimes “free” is more costly than you think!

Are Online Singing Lessons Inferior to Private Voice Lessons?

No, no, no! Not at all. Sure, private lesson voice coaches who don’t offer online eLearning singing courses might say this. It’s no longer true in the 21st century.

There are so many affordable ways to learn how to sing:

  • Books from the best best voice coaches and singers in history.
  • Free online courses, lessons, tips, articles, etc. from teachers you have vetted for quality. Make sure they sing. It helps if they’ve gone from a bad singer to good singer. It’s also important that they teach well.
  • I learned more about singing technique from reading a single PhD dissertation than I learned from taking 100 private lessons for $5,000 from the wrong teacher and the wrong teaching method when I was younger.
  • Online voice lessons in eLearning format. I’m certain that my courses plus the student forums, group coaching calls, pdf handouts, vocal scales on mp3, etc. can help most students more than taking singing lessons with the average voice coach.

I suggest you take a multi-faceted approach. Grow your knowledge and basic training skills as intelligently and affordably as possible before you dive into expensive private lessons. You’ll be less likely to make a mistake in choosing your coach.

If you have questions or concerns about the course, please send them by email. I’m happy to help.